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Designers of flat roofs

Waterproofing - Thermal protection - Flat roofs and green roofs
Upkeep and Maintenance - Desk study and expertise


March 17, 2014: 30th anniversary of the company! Thank you for your trust and ... champagne

February 2013: Launch of the new website

December 2011: We wish you a wonderful 2012 and hope to see you soon on our sites.

October 2011: Partnership with the Energy Advisor Study L. Vuillemier

September 2010: Restructuring of our accounting department and Trust

March 2010: Change in fleet

November 2009: Quadrilingual version of the site: Welcome to English!

September 2008: English version of our internet site.

April 2008: New version of our internet site. Enjoy your visit!

January 2008: We wish you a very happy 2008 and hope to see you on our sites soon.

June 2007: Launch of the internet site www.medana.ch.

March 2007: Move to our new offices in Ecublens.

Champs-Courbes 21
CH-1024 Ecublens

Tél: +41 21 701 48 78
Fax: +41 21 701 16 87


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